Team De Tuinen van De Graaf


Welcome! My name is Jos de Graaf.
I design gardens and together with a team of enthusiastic landscapers we lay them out.
The right plant combinations with beautiful flowers in every season.
Living the seasons, a lovely sheltered spot with a garden bench underneath scented roses on a chestnut pergola.
Taking a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear water of the swimming pond on a warm summer’s day or having a barbecue in the setting of freshly fallen snow and the soft glow of garden lights and the crackling open fire.
Just a few sentences in which enjoying your garden is key. Which is different for everyone.
I have been in the landscaping business for twenty-five years and it is the one thing I love to do. When I started I hardly knew anything about plants, now it is the joy of my life!
I can really appreciate small things such as the budding of a beech hedge. They are just like little pleated skirts that unfold one by one. If you enjoy doing something, it is not difficult to give your whole heart.
Gardening and landscaping make me very happy. I am really looking forward to what awaits me in the garden in a certain period. For example, a yellow sea of daffodils just after the winter or in high summer a haze of poppies or dahlias.
That is enjoying your garden.
We can help you with the garden design, the complete construction or maintenance to keep the garden beautiful; you fill in the enjoyment yourself …



TuinKeur: the quality seal for landscapers.
Thanks to their quality seal, TuinKeur can guarantee a professional landscaper. A TuinKeur professional landscaper focuses on a good relationship with you as a customer and delivers high-quality work.
What does a Tuinkeur landscaper has to offer?
A Tuinkeur landscaper is a professional, both inside and outside the garden. When you decide to hire a landscaperk on the one hand it is important that your wishes and needs are translated into your garden and on the other hand that clear agreements are made. Which activities are performed, which are not? And which materials are used, at what price? What is the total investment and what are the payment terms?
You do not want surprises, because once you have made the decision to leave your garden work (partially) in the hands of a professional landscaper, you want to rely on them. With a Tuinkeur landscaper you are assured that you will not be faced with any surprises. Agreements are recorded in writing in understandable language and after finishing the work, the Tuinkeur landscaper will go through the completion of the project with you.
Professional competence
A TuinKeur landscaper is a professional because of his education and experience. You will immediately notice this when you start a conversation with him; whether it is a maintenance job or the construction of a new garden. After mapping out your wishes and needs, the professionalism of the landscaper comes into play.
Your TuinKeur landscaper is always happy to help you. Whether it is for advice on fertilization, pruning or plants: advice is part of their service! A garden is always “in motion” and has different needs in every season. For example, complete fertilizer packages are available in spring for your border or lawn. These are provided with a manual and tailored to the size of your garden. You will always have enough fertilizer in stock and you don’t have to throw anything away. It couldn’t be easier.
A TuinKeur landscaper is passionate about his work. This passion is evident from the quality that is delivered. Whether it be work, materials supplied or advice, the quality of his work is an important drive for a TuinKeur landscaper!