Providing people with a beautiful floor for many years to come, is a challenge that we are happy to take on with our ceramic floor tiles.
Perhaps you already have an idea about the appearance of your new floor. But you are not sure yet and still have some questions. What requirements do you have about maintenance? Does the tile have the right appearance to match your garden? Is it the right size in relation to the garden? We can provide you with more details, explanation and tips to make the right choice. Our customers find this extra information very useful and we are often told that our professional knowledge brings ease of mind when choosing the tiles. That also works during the laying process. Ceramic tiles for outside need a special way of processing because of the risk of freezing up.
Let us briefly explain how it works:

* At the location of the terrace, the soil is dug out about 25 cm, first we will put a layer of broken rubble and on top of that a layer of sand so that drainage is perfect.
* Then we will apply a layer of special drainage mortar, which after setting keeps a very open structure so that water can drain and can expand a bit when it becomes frosty.
* The mortar is leveled at an angle so that excess water quickly drains away.
* One by one the tiles then are covered with a special glue and applied on the still wet drainage mortar for a good adhesion.
* The edges are cut to the right size with a diamond saw.
* Finally, the joints are sealed with a special high-quality epoxy so that weeds and ants can't get through anymore.


Seven excellent benefits of ceramic exterior tiles:

1. Retains its colour.

Ceramic tiles are made from natural materials. The production process ensures that the tiles do not suffer from discolouration due to, for example, sunlight.

2. Hard-wearing, no scratch marks.

Due to the very high hardness, you will never again have scratch marks because of moving chairs or a 'runway' that often occurs with natural stone.

3. No stains.

Knocked over a glass of red wine when having a party? Don't panic, nothing will penetrate the tiles. Polish with a damp cloth and the stain is gone!

4. No moss or algae.

The harder the tile, the less the problem occurs. Ceramic tiles are rock hard so you will hardly experience this problem.

5. Frost resistant.

Ceramic exterior tiles do not absorb moisture and therefore do not freeze. Temperature differences from -50 to +70 degrees Celcius are no problem.

6. Natural appearance.

We work with good quality ceramic tiles that can hardly be distinguished from natural stone but without the disadvantages. Also wood prints are available that look like real wooden boards.

7. Anti-slip.

Ideal around swimming pools and even angles of up to about 27 degrees will give no problems!


Ceramic garden tiles come in many colours and sizes. The tiles that we use are mainly produced in Italy, a country with a lot of history when it comes to ceramics. The locally extracted clay is pressed in molds under high pressure and baked in ovens with a temperature that rises to 1200 degrees Celsius, hence the hardness. Countless prints are being used per batch so that the tiles do not look alike.
The main part of the end result is in the hands of the tiler. No matter how beautiful your tiles are, if they are not properly processed, your new floor will still not look good. You can safely put the processing in our hands, we have many years of experience and will always ensure a perfect end result!



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