Costs of construction


Costs of construction
Most people do not have a new garden built that often. That is why we want to show here on average what kind of money you should take into account, based on your living situation and budget. At a later stage we will be happy to make you a custom-made quotation without any obligation, so that you know exactly what the costs are for your garden and that it becomes fun to lay out your garden.
What do the costs for landscaping depend on?
    • The size of your garden

    • Your garden wishes and budget

    • Choices for materials and plants

    • Complexity of construction methods

    • The required preparation of the soil

    • Demolition work in case of an old garden

    • Accessibility of the garden

    • The distance to our location in Lage Mierde

Are you interested to know the costs of construction for your garden? We are happy to discuss the above with you and then prepare a quotation without any obligation. Because we like to deliver craftsmanship, drawing up a tailor-made qotation is quite a job which can take many hours. That is why we charge € 100,- for this, which costs will not be charged if we are allowed to construct the garden. You can reach us at 06 – 5143 8830 or to make an appointment.
What does a garden cost?
A customized garden requires a customized budget, but our experience shows that many of our customers recognize themselves in one of the situations below. Do you not recognize yourself here or do you want to know more specifically what the cost of constructing your garden will be? We would like to hear from you!
Basic garden
    • Maximum result with a limited budget

    • Ideal for renters and starters

    • Often chosen for terraced houses and rental properties

    • Usual size: 75 – 125 m2

    • Typical budget: € 5.000,- to € 10.000,-

    • You pay from around € 85,- per m2

Average garden
    • Experience happiness in your dream garden

    • Often chosen for semi-detached and detached properties

    • Usual size: 100 – 250 m2

    • Typical budget: € 12.500,- to € 20.000,-

    • You pay from around € 120,- per m2

Luxury garden
    • Exclusive, sustainable and authentic

    • Often chosen for villas and exclusive properties

    • Ususal size: > 250 m2

    • Typical budget: > €25.000,-

    • You pay from around € 170,- per m2