You and your family are going to use the garden so you should feel happy in it for the next couple of years.
Our gardens cannot be recognized in style as a "De Graaf" garden, simply for the reason that it is your garden. There are no average people, so our solutions are not standard but appropriate and unique. From empathy we get the drive to help you with your garden. We will always try to understand what you need and we welcome positive ideas and find a way to incorporate them into your new garden. We connect. What really matters for us is the value we can add to the life of our customers.
We enjoy making green gardens.
Nowadays many gardens include a lot of paving and fencing and only just a few plants. These 'gardens' often don't have a nice atmosphere, they don't have a soul. Plants create atmosphere and shelter and compensate for CO2. Rainwater does not immediately flush down the drain but is absorbed into the soil. Of course, dead materials in a garden are important, but plants are the basis for the ultimate feeling in your garden. You cannot see or touch the most beautiful thing, but you can feel them with your heart ...
Costs of garden design.
After an intake interview without any obligations form your end, we usually make a customized garden design within 2 weeks. This sketch will be discussed with you and adapted if applicable. Only then the design costs will be charged. So you get to see the result beforehand, and that is always a benefit.
The prices below apply to gardens in the Tilburg, Reusel, Bladel, Eersel, Veldhoven and Eindhoven regions. Prices include BTW.


Dimensions: Price:

0 to 100 m2 € 250,00
101 to 250 m2 € 300,00
251 to 500 m2 € 350,00
501 to 1000 m2 € 475,00
1001 to 2000 m2 € 600,00
Making a simple sketch € 75,00


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