And once your paradise is created, you find out that weeds don't perish…
Unlike nature where all plants can grow in their own way, some intervention at the right moment is often necessary to keep a balanced garden. We like to build up a long-term relationship with you and the garden that we have realized together. We offer assistance when you need it. This can vary from a winter or spring cleaning every year, to weekly garden maintenance such as mowing, hoeing, tying and fertilizing. And everyting in between.
We have a big heart for nature, environment and ecology. We fertilize with organic fertilizers, which makes plants grow a bit slower and less forced and therefore become stronger and less susceptible to diseases and pests. The soil life is activated so that fertilizers a properly absorbed by the plants, which in turn means that fewer pesticides are needed.
Fertilization packages
In spring we can offer special fertilization programs for both lawns and plant area's. You get the right amount of fertilizers, tailored to the size of your garden and provided with instructions for use. This way you always have enough fertilizer in stock and you don't need to throw anything away. You can let us know your are interested through our contact page, it couldn't be easier.


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